Our Culture

Our Culture

We subscribe to the belief that our people are our most important asset. Interfile employees connect with the work they do and take pride in the great value added to the many users of our services and products.

In turn the company supports the well-being and happiness of our people including a great office environment incorporating a fully certified gym, chill room and healthy food service. Happy and healthy people achieve more for themselves, the customers and the company.

Our people have integrity, honesty and trust and build long term customer relationships by keeping their promises, telling the truth, honouring their commitments and accepting their errors or omissions. It becomes very easy to accept responsibility when people know that they are making a positive difference. The company believes in partnering with clients to co-create solutions that make this positive difference.

Interfile strongly supports previously disadvantaged business owners and in recent years has acted as mentor and incubation hub to many Small Medium Micro Enterprise (SMME) businesses.

Our initiative, talent, and technology must leave the world in a better way than we found it.

our culture