Engage customers in new ways

Engage customers in new ways

Customers have a context which is the sum of their experiences with your organization. That context informs the experience they are having right now. Organisations build and steward singular brand identities and drive towards common business goals.

Yet customers interact across a wide range of channels, and the enterprise executes through a variety of business silos, each with their own view of the customer.

Our platform is built to from the ground up to break down these artificial barriers created by legacy transactional systems deployed in silos, so all the lines of business owners have the appropriate customer context and history to optimise their experience at every touch point along the journey.

Process is not about traditional back-office system-to-system automation, it is about automating a customer-facing experience across back-office systems, to simplify their world, help them through each step and keep them apprised of status.

e-Commerce engagements are bringing the patterns people are engaged in on Facebook, Twitter and Skype into a branded enterprise experience, so they can have authentic, person-to-person interactions with other customers, or directly with employees, and not only through asynchronous forums but also through much richer real-time experiences.


Self-service is not about building complex experiences, it is about using the complexity of new web technologies to combine simplified application experiences together with e-commerce and transactional capability, applications to help them do things, and content to help them understand what to do and why to do it.

Customers expect the digital interactions to constantly improve, and because your competition is measuring their customer experience and making improvements. Interfile continues to develop on our opti-channel platform, with the goal of bringing optimised and frictionless experience to the end user and you, our customer.