Programme and application development is a core Interfile strength and has been since our inception. We began life in 2003 in a Public Private Partnership with the South African Revenue Service, and developed many of the components of SARS e-Filing, e@syFile, and u-Filing that have made it among the best examples of eGovernment in the world.

In terms of our development methodologies, we adhere to the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD), namely:

  • Our key objective is fast development and delivery of a high quality solution at a relatively low investment cost
  • Reducing inherent project risks by breaking a project into smaller segments that enable more ease-of-change during the development process
  • Prototyping at all stages of development
  • Adhering to strict delivery deadlines or “timeboxes” where, if the project starts to run late, focus is on reducing requirements to fit the timebox, not in increasing the deadline
  • Actively engaging our client at all phases of the development
  • Testing, and especially crash-testing, at all phases of the development

Interfile creates bespoke solutions for clients, using our team of analysts and software developers (as well as our existing platforms).

All development is done in-house in order to ensure quality control, using the latest software with an eye for efficiency and clarity.

Interfile uses agile methodologies, allowing for the making of iterations quickly and smoothly, and ironing out any potential challenges prior to official launch.

Our constant in-flow of new talent and innovative culture makes for creative development