Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Business analysts help guide organizations in improving processes, products, services, and software through process and efficiency analysis. This discipline assists in straddling the line between technology and the organization at large to help bridge the gap and leverage technology to achieve their business objectives.

At Interfile, our Business Analysts are always in the centre of the conversation, as true collaborative facilitators, to help business and technology understand each other while adding inputs on best practice, proven design and process engineering or re-engineering. We pride ourselves in ensuring our customer’s needs are met with a view to lower cost of ownership and longevity.

Our business analysts address the design of technical systems, business models and processes in order to support strategic business needs. This ensures seamless integration of systems while minimising design flaws and implementing open standards for the enterprise to leverage across the entire IT landscape.

Our highly adaptable team with vast experience in Waterfall and Scrum methodologies ensure that organisation’s business strategy is understood and executed clearly by the technical team.

Business Analysis
We cover the following areas:
  • Problem Analysis - We identify challenges facing organisations to ensure that business stakeholders may be led to actionable business cases
  • Requirements Planning - We ensure that all requirements covered in the business case are thoroughly investigated, driving the organisation to an appropriate solution
  • Requirements Elicitation and Documentation - Using industry benchmarking to complete documents that are understood in both business and technical language. This ensures that both spheres of the organisation are not left behind
  • Solution Assessment and Validation - We take pride in ensuring that solutions are assessed and validated against the business case. This eliminates a lot of rework as partnerships are across various teams. We work with the business and testing teams to realise the design as it was envisaged and maximise customer value